Chinchilla Update

We’ve had this little fur ball for almost 6 months now!  I’m happy to report that he is acting much more like a normal chinchilla after a few months of getting to know us.

At first, he was extremely skittish and anxious.  He never came out of his cage and would freak out at every little footstep and sound.  But now, after 6 months of patiently sitting with him during playtime, bribing him with treats, and giving him lots of attention, he is calmer, much more curious, and loves investigating new things.

chinchilla 2Chinchi exploring David’s head

He has been spoiled with tons of things to chew on and play with lately, ever since I found this great online store, Whimsy’s Menagerie.  Buying from this store supports a chinchilla rescue which is an added bonus!  So if you have any chinchillas in your life, this is great place to buy them some fun chinchilla-safe things 🙂

pinataChinchi enjoying a “pinata” made of willow and filled with yummy treats like rose hips, pumice, wood chunks, etc.

When it’s time for him to come out of the cage for playtime, he knows it and starts bouncing around the cage and waiting by the door for me to open it.  During playtime, he likes to perch on my leg for a break and use it as a springboard to jump all over the place or back into his cage.


He still loves his dustbaths, chewing on things, and recently has been trying to squeeze through the bars of his playpen to escape (he actually did escape once).  He also enjoys eating treats like rose hips, oats, and barley from my hands.

And at the end of a long night of running on his wheel and around his cage, I often find him in the morning like this, snuggled and passed out in his fleece hammock.  Such a cutie! 🙂

, chinchilla 4

He still struggles like mad whenever I hold him, but that seems to be the norm for chinchillas who haven’t been handled from birth.  And even in this area, he’s gotten better!

Once we get settled in our new place, he may also find himself with a (carefully and slowly introduced) new friend to play with 🙂 Yay