I’m Starting to Feel My Age

The fact that I’m in my 30s now has really started to sink in over the past 6 months.  At first, it seemed like not much had changed, but recently and most notably during latest trip back to California, I’ve started to notice my age more than ever.

Here are a few of the reasons:

1. I can’t eat the way I used to. Normally, a visit back home means a non-stop eating fest.  Burrito for breakfast, double-double animal style with well-done fries for lunch, and sushi for dinner.  Or Indian buffet for lunch and Korean BBQ for dinner.  You get the idea.  But nowadays, my body just doesn’t tolerate that kind of eating.  I tend to feel bloated, constipated, and overall uncomfortable the next day.  Blech.  So this time, I had to plan my eating much more carefully.  If I knew I was going out for a big meal with friends or family, I would make sure to eat verrry lightly for the  rest of the day and also try to schedule a work out.  I was also much more conscious of eating balanced meals with lots of fiber in order to, you know, keep things regular.

The great thing is that even with these healthier boundaries in place, I still managed to eat lots of delicious food 🙂

BreakfastTop: Eggs benedict (2 kinds!) and hash brown at Snooze; pancake flight at Snooze
Bottom: enormous sage fried chicken eggs benedict at Tractor Room


DinnerTop: amazing, melt-in-your-mouth miso-glazed Chilean seabass over crab fried rice at Truluck’s
Bottom: delicious assortment of sweets and savories at Tea Upon Chatworth afternoon tea; Japanese BBQ, pork belly and short ribs on the grill


2. Friendships are starting to span decades.  As I was having having great conversations and sharing delicious meals with very dear friends, it boggled my mind to realize the duration of some of these friendships.  How is it possible that I am old enough to have friends that I’ve known for 15-20 years now?  Yikes.

Friends Shadowoodgard

Loves 🙂

3. Babies. Everywhere.  At a wedding that I went to while I was in California, there were kids and babies (and pregnant women) everywhere.  Yes, we are definitely at the age where everyone is having kids.  Yikes again.

Shannon + BrianBeautiful wedding, beautiful couple 🙂 Congrats Shannon and Brian!

4. I feel the need to exercise.  This is sort of related to #1.  In the past, I exercised occasionally because I knew that I should, but never actually felt the need to.   My laziness was reinforced by the fact that I could usually keep a steady weight without doing much at all.   But now, there are lumps and rolls appearing where there never used to be.  Working out has become essential to fitting into my pants, maintaining my energy, and sleeping soundly at night.  I’m glad about this though, because I know that I’m healthier and happier for it.

And a shout out to my parents for running/walking with me when I was visiting!  If they can exercise almost every day at ** years old, then so can I 🙂