Life of the Unemployed, Part 2

I went back to read some of my old posts and realized that quite a bit has changed since I last posted about my unemployment.  Well, at least some things have changed, and some things haven’t:

1.  I’m still unemployed (or in between jobs, as I’ve learned to say).
But at this point, I am definitely more at peace with it and with the circumstances that led me to it in the first place.  I think that my identity used to be completely wrapped up in working and in being a surgeon.  But God took it away to show me that my identity is in Him, in being His child.  And then after that struggle, it took me awhile to realize that God wanted me to just be with Him, instead of always asking for answers or solutions or a life plan.  Hard to grasp, and I am still learning.

2.  I’m a bit burned out on crocheting since Christmas, but I still do a lot of cooking and baking. 🙂  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that!  I just made my first tart, a raspberry almond pear tart.  It was not photo-worthy, but it tasted pretty good.

3.  I’m definitely NOT as regular about going to the gym.  Back in October there was something wrong with my knee so I cut out Zumba and kickboxing and stuck to low-impact workouts like yoga, Pilates, and walking on the treadmill.  And since the treadmill is so boring, I got out of the habit of going every day.  But I still go a couple times per week, which is better than nothing I guess.

4.  I started taking some classes, which has been great.  Currently, I’m taking an online Spiritual Formation class through my church and a basic drawing class through a community program.  I’m also excited to start my Italian pastry course in a few weeks and a cupcake decorating class in a month!

5.  I have been helping my pastor plan a series of retreats for Vineyard pastors in the northeast region, from Philadelphia to Maine.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love planning getaways, looking at vacation packages, and investigating all of the options and finding a good deal for a nice place.  So this little project fits well into things that I already enjoy doing.  It has been a lot of work, with scouring the internet and making dozens of phone calls and sending out even more emails, but it makes me happy to have a small part in helping pastors get some rest.

So, that’s my life right now.  We are still in limbo with the job situation, but despite that, I feel completely at peace and very content 🙂


One thought on “Life of the Unemployed, Part 2

  1. You know better than most how 30-minutes of cardio, 4-5 tines a week, can be beneficial to your long term health. Don’t give up the gym! As I sit between jobs, I only recently resumed more sustained, consistent physical activity myself. Lots of regrets but looking forward now.

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