Thank Your Doctor

First of all, thank you so much to those of you who reached out to me during my sadness last week.  I appreciate your thoughts and prayers more than you know.  Husband and I are so beyond blessed to have friends like you!

So, on to my reason for posting:
Earlier this week, I went to my doctor’s office for a followup.  I brought them a plate of chocolate chip cookies because (1) it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I wanted an excuse to put pink M&Ms in something, and (2) I was so grateful for the care given to me and just how NICE everyone has been, from the front desk people to the nurses, techs, and doctors.

chocolate chip cookiesDelicious, soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate M&Ms stuck on top. Recipe here if you would like to bake some too 🙂

It struck me how such a small gesture surprised them so much.  The nurse came in and gave me a huge hug (as my vitals were being taken, haha).  My doctor thanked me profusely and said, “All of the staff are just so excited because all we ever hear are complaints.”

Does anyone else think that this is just sad??

Yes, this is our job as physicians, it’s what we signed up for, and most of us did not choose this field because we want people to fall over in gratitude all the time.  But as with any line of work, a little bit of appreciation goes along way.  During residency, being thanked by a patient or family member would change the whole tone of my day.  I found that I could look beyond the exhaustion, cynicism, stress, and crazy busyness and just feel happy and thankful to be doing what I was doing.

So, consider taking the time to thank your doctor (or PA, NP, therapist, etc.) the next time you go in for a visit.  Write a note or bake some brownies or whatever.  As you show your appreciation, you may help turn a discouraging, frustrating, or overwhelming day into a good one 🙂


5 thoughts on “Thank Your Doctor

  1. Most people just aren’t thinking of anything but themselves when they go to the doctor, which is understandable given that people usually see a doctor they have a problem, but this is a good reminder to think beyond ourselves!

  2. I wrote notes to both, headed to the post office this afternoon.

    Eleasa, you are making a difference, even in this way.

    You are a fantastic person and child of God who happens to serve the Lord in the medical profession.

    Best to you always. Our Faithful Father in heaven will never give you more than you can handle.

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