Crochet Project Tally

Here’s the final tally (and some photos!) of my crochet projects from 2013.

11 owl hats (5 baby/child, 6 adult).

2 blankets (1 baby, 1 adult)

IMG_5206Pattern for this baby blanket can be found here.

ImageChevron afghan, pattern can be found here.

2 infinity scarves (made with very thick yarn and a gigantic hook to speed things along)

3 crochet beards (only 2 turned out decent looking), made with thick and warm alpaca yarn

IMG_0328Pattern used for this beard here.  It is meant to be sewn into a hat but I just added earloops so that it could be worn by itself.

beard 2

My sister decided to borrow what was intended for her boyfriend. 🙂 Pattern for this one can be found here.

Whew!  So I’m going to give my hands a break from all this crocheting that I’ve been doing since August and get back into baking for awhile.  There are homemade cinnamon rolls rising in the oven as I write this which I cannot wait to BAKE and then EAT, especially on this chilly snowy day. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Crochet Project Tally

  1. I love being a recipient of the owl hat. I will be finding some snow in the near future so I can don it with pride! hahah i love the standalone beards

  2. Love the idea of crocheting the bead to be work separately – never thought of that! Glad you found the pattern useful! 🙂 – Jayna

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