New Additions to Our Household

Let’s just get it out of the way: no, we are not pregnant

But we DO have some new friends in our house:

Mister Fish the goldfish


And Speedy the chinchilla! aka Chinchi, Mister Chinchi, Stinker, Skittles….


Mister Fish was acquired from our local Petsmart.  We picked him because we loved his beautiful orange and white coloring.  He enjoys eating, swimming around, resting near his little marble rock from Taiwan, hiding behind his conch shell, and dodging around his plant.

Mister Speedy is the newest addition, a beautiful super soft 1 year old black velvet chinchilla.  He was picked up from someone on Craigslist just yesterday.  He was extremely anxious at first and hid in the corner for awhile, but then started to feel comfortable enough in his new home to munch on pellets and hay, drink a few sips of water, and explore his cage. Then when we went out for dinner, we came back to find that he had he spent some time in his hammock, rearranged his food bowl and chew stone, and dug all of the hay out of his bowl.  So far we’ve learned that he loves dust baths, chewing everything in sight, flinging poo and wood shavings, and running on his exercise wheel.

Speedy’s home; the little guy is hiding in the corner

ImageThis little guy is very skittish and nervous for some reason but we are going to work with him every day to make him feel comfortable and happy 🙂  Plus he’s kind of chubs so we’re definitely cutting down on treats and making him run around more.


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