California Love

For the past 2 weeks, I have had the joy of hanging out in sunny California.  Seriously, sunny everyday amazes me now that I’ve been away for so long.  I got to reunite with old friends, celebrate new marriages at 2 beautiful weddings, see my family, and of course, eat tons of good food!  There is definitely more of me to love after two weeks of eating delicious meal after delicious meal.  In fact, I pretty much hit everything on my list, except for In-n-out (although I’m actually not that fanatical about them anymore) (yes, I make a mental list of things to eat that I can’t get here on the east coast…Californians understand).

What do I love most about visiting California?  Well, I really like seeing the sights, even if I’ve been there before.  It’s especially fun when husband is there, because I think he’s hilarious and visiting tourist places is always more interesting with him.  This time, we got to go to the zoo and the USS MIdway Museum together which was great. If you ever get to go to the Midway, the flight simulator is worth the few extra dollars.  After husband left, my parents and I drove along the gorgeous California coastline and also visited the Wild Animal Park, which I had actually done only once before.



“Daddy, why does the baboon have a rainbow butt?”
-4ish year old boy with his parents. Hilarious


USS MIdway.  Super impressive

IMG_0382 IMG_0107

IMG_0069 IMG_0041

I also definitely enjoy the food scene in California.  There are just so many options! I didn’t take too many pictures because I was too busy eating.  Some of my faves from this trip:
Sushi Ota in SD, family owned Korean place also in SD (Do Re Mi), the most delicious Japanese ramen at Shoki Ramen in Sacramento, happy hour at Jamaica Bay Inn in Marina del Rey, Hot Italian in Sacramento, Bottega in Napa, and shaved snow from Class 301 in Irvine and from the dessert place in the Zion food court in SD.  So if you ever find yourself in these cities, be sure to check out these places!
(photo, clockwise from top left: Ramen, pastries from Bouchon bakery in Napa, wine tasting at Mondavi, deeeelicious bolognese from Bottega)


The main reason why California is so near and dear to me is because of the lovely people who call it home.  While I have been blessed with amazing friends from MA, WI, and elsewhere, these people with whom I have so much history hold a special place in my heart.  I was so excited to hang out with my family, visit my sister and see her life in Davis, and catch up with old friends from high school, college, and med school.

As someone whose primary love language is quality time, my soul is nourished and satisfied after getting to have so many good conversations with people.


Congratulations Yee-Shing! Beautiful bride! 🙂


Med school lovelies, and a new baby!


Haha, it’s an underbite family! (Mollie, Ian, and Barley corn!)


Congratulations to the Jennifer and Wayne, the gorgeous bride and handsome groom! 

photo booth

Roommate love, and those crazy hilarious kids/family from college 🙂  It’s fun that the group is growing too!
Alice summed up this wedding really well on her blog.

Thank you so much to all of those who made me feel so spoiled and loved.  Until next time, you stay classy, San Diego!

*To the person who accused me of being lazy and updating my blog too infrequently, is this good enough? 😉


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