Boat to Bowl…

A few weeks ago, husband and I decided to take a spontaneous ocean fishing trip on Labor Day.  We might make a tradition out of it because we both ended up having so much fun.  I think that this idea came up because  we happened to be walking by a marina the day before, and David commented on how nice it would be to be out on a boat.   After some browsing of the Interwebs, I found out that CT has these open “party boats”  – – no, not a booze cruise which is what I first thought — where you can just hop onto a fishing boat in the morning, no private charter or reservation required.   Score!


So we woke up early, packed up a cooler with sandwiches, ginger ale, and water bottles, and off we went!


This was our setup in our little corner of the boat – rod and tackle which we were able to rent, and burlap sack for holding the fishies.

IMG_5195There was a pool that you could enter for catching the biggest fish out of everyone on the boat.  I didn’t enter, but of course I caught the biggest fish.  The picture doesn’t really show how heavy and huge that thing was. Right before I forced a smile on my face for the picture, I was freaking out because these guys really BITE and struggle.  So I was trying hard not to drop it or let my fingers near its mouth.


The first mate filleted the fish for us, which was great because  I didn’t have to do it.

So between the 2 of us, we ended up with almost 7 pounds of fish fillets.  I tried baking them first, but I was not a fan of the rather strong fishy flavor and tough texture.  David’s co-worker ended up taking about half of the fillets and smoking them for us in his smoker.  It basically turned it into fish bacon —  delicious, salty, and smoky — which then became smoked bluefish chowder this past week (recipe here).   To make it healthier, I left out the bacon and used fat free evaporated milk.


So there you have it….boat to bowl 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!


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