Weekend Happenings

It’s been a great weekend so far!  And this lazy Sunday afternoon is just the cherry on top.

On Saturday morning, David went and got a long overdue haircut while I went to the gym for yoga/pilates.  David invited some of his coworkers and their significant others over for dessert and games in the evening, so we spent much of the day running errands, cleaning (David) and baking (me).  We vacuumed and dusted for the first time since my parents left in the beginning of August, which makes me think that we should have people over at least every few weeks just so our house stays clean.

Baking was an adventure (a very frustrating adventure) in and of itself.  I was trying a new recipe and somewhat rushing to get it done, so all sorts of mistakes were made — I accidentally put peppermint extract instead of vanilla into the beautifully creamed butter and sugar, so I had to toss it and start over.  Then the cake rose over the top of bundt pan so I had to shave it down to make it flat.  Then the top of the cake stuck to the pan coming out, so it was ugly and bumpy even after trimming it. Then when I tasted the cake, it was dry and coarse (probably because of over baking is my suspicion), so I ended up flipping it back over, poking holes in the bottom and soaking it with caramel and condensed milk to moisten it.  Then the caramel topping for the top was too thick and wouldn’t pour right so I had to remix another batch and thin it out with milk.  Ugh!  But the end product was decent looking after I covered the top with walnuts and choco chips.


(original recipe here — I left out the ganache, and used Sweet Shoppe USA’s Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Sauce for the topping).  Plus it turned out to be really tasty – rich, decadent, super chocolatey, and delicious, especially with vanilla ice cream and a glass of milk.

Only one couple ended up coming over, but we had a great time hanging out, eating dessert, and bonding over Mario Kart.  Given that we only hosted one time at our last place (sad, I know), I think this is a great start!  We hope to have people over much more often in the future.

Today, after many weeks of visiting different churches, we went back to the church that I think will be our home for this year.  It is small, very homey, has solid teaching, and is very diverse, which we love.  It was baptism day today, which they do once a year at this church.  So after a brief message from the pastor and testimonies from the people being baptized, we all drove to the beach.  David and I maybe stopped to get corn dogs at the diner across the street before everyone else showed up because we were hungry.  Some people brought guitars, and we sang and praised God right there on the beach while people were baptized in the ocean. Baptisms are always so encouraging to me, because they are such a testimony of God’s faithfulness.  I absolutely love hearing how God has worked in other people’s lives, then seeing them publicly declare themselves as belonging to Him. It makes my heart so happy 🙂

Then David and I tried out a nearby BBQ restaurant because we had a coupon.  The ribs were good but not great, but the brisket…oh man.  So smokey, tender, delicious, and juicy.  We chowed down, had to pack up a couple of those ribs, then came home and promptly passed out for a few hours.  Beautiful day! 🙂

Uncle Willie's 2BBQ Sampler plate – beef ribs, Kansas City pork ribs, pulled pork, and beef brisket.  Sides – mac and cheese, potato salad, cornbread.


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